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Summer Playlist

Loving the Summertime Blues

We all have a good idea in our head of what a summer song sounds like. But if you think deeply about the songs that soundtrack your summer, you will probably come up with quite a surprising playlist. We know we did.

Cold War film header

Soundtrack review: Cold War (2018)

An impassioned romantic plot unearths the true reality of music in Cold War Europe in one of the most original films of 2018.

late night 800x475

Our favourite late-night listening albums

Turn down the lights, switch on your system or headphones, and relax in your favourite chair. We share seven of our favourite great-sounding albums, all of which are simply perfect for those unforgettable late-night listening sessions.

Blog 1

Album Review: Leon Vynehall - Nothing is Still (Ninja Tune)

Behind every notable work of art there is a story to tell and in Leon Vynehall’s case it’s the story of his grandparents emigrating to New York in the sixties.