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Custom Theater

The complete movie theater experience in your home


Custom Theater

Movies how you want them

From our mighty CT800 series down to small, easily-installed in-ceiling speakers, all our Custom Theater models are designed to work together, to suit your space, budget and needs.


Custom Theater

In-wall thunder

You want your whole Custom Theater to be completely integrated, so our range of in-wall subwoofers complements your main speakers to make the latest blockbusters rock your world.


Custom Theater

From detail to dynamics, and from pinpoint accuracy to a seamless, enveloping soundfield, a Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theater brings your movies to life.
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Designed to perform


Our flagship CT800 range combines reference-quality power, clarity and control with a design that allows each speaker to be custom-fitted into your dedicated home theater room. Once installed, the speakers are virtually invisible. What’s impossible to ignore is the sound. You’ll be experiencing everything from the roar of a jet engine to the creak of a staircase in extraordinarily life-like, three-dimensional detail.

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07 B Speakers CT700 07 B Speakers CT700

Total integration


Bowers & Wilkins CT700 Series represent nothing less than a revolution in what can be achieved when space and budget are limited. CT700 creates a cinema sound more lifelike, more immersive, and more powerful than you would have imagined possible at this price level. Forget compromise: with a CT700 system, what you get is nothing less than a genuinely cinematic experience in your own home.

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