CT700 Series

A genuinely cinematic experience in your own home


CT700 Series

As versatile as it is powerful. You can build your own CT700 home cinema sound system using any combination of models in any position.



The CT700 flagship combines clarity and power, thanks to a Nautilus™ tube loaded tweeter and dedicated mid and bass drivers. Designed for music or the front channels of a Custom Theater installation, it slots easily into cabinetry.



Twin 15cm mid/bass units bring on the CT7.4 LCRS's power, while the famous Nautilus™ tube-loading delivers pure, detailed treble, making this an ideal speaker for use in music or multichannel installations.



The entry-level model in the CT700 range is built around a single mid/bass unit and the famous Nautilus™ tube loaded tweeter. Easy to fit in anywhere, it's ideal for music or every channel of a multichannel sound installation.



For use with both CT700 and CT800 Series, this passive subwoofer uses a sealed-box design for ease of installation, and a big 38cm composite drive unit for bass you feel – perfect for Custom Theater installations.



Like all our passive Custom Theater subwoofers, CT SW12 is designed to be usable with both CT800 and CT700 speaker ranges, where its 30cm composite driver and sealed enclosure ensure serious bass from an easy-to-install design.



The most compact model in our range of passive Custom Theater subwoofers, CT SW10 uses a 25cm composite bass driver to deliver solid, powerful bass, mounted in a sealed enclosure for easy installation in cabinetry or walls.



Designed as the power behind our CT SW passive subs, the SA 1000 amplifier delivers 1000W of bass power all the way down to 16kHz, can drive two subs at once, and has switchable equalization to suit the CT SW10, CT SW12 and CT SW15's bass response.