CT800 Series

The best home theater experience


CT800 Series

Our CT800 loudspeakers are engineered to deliver the very best home theater experience. A choice of high-performance models allows you to build a system perfect for your space.



For left/center/right channel home theater use, this highly advanced design uses Nautilus™ tube loading for purity, and a rotatable pod to aim the mid-range and treble drivers. Twin Rohacell® drivers deliver bass down into subwoofer territory.



The CT8 CC center speaker is the perfect match for the CT8 LR model: it shares the same Rohacell® bass drivers, woven FST™ midrange driver and metal dome high frequency driver, but has the bass units either side of the mid/treble pod. 



The CT8 DS is a dedicated surround speaker offering both dipole and monopole dispersion for an immersive effect, using a forward-facing FST™ midrange and metal dome tweeter, and a pair of side-firing mid/treble drivers.



Want a vertical front-channel speaker for your home cinema, or a horizontal one? The CT8.2 LCR can be either, thanks to its unique modular baffle design, and sound quality in the hands of twin bass drivers, a dedicated midrange and a large metal dome tweeter.



The CT8.4 LCRS is an all-rounder for home theater installations: its more compact vertical layout makes it ideal for surround applications to create immersive sound, but it's also powerful enough to be used for front left, right and center channels.



Designed to extend the bass of the CT8 LR speakers down to 13Hz, the CT8 SW is a passive in-wall subwoofer with a 15in Rohacell® driver in a 70-litre Matrix-braced enclosure, easy installation and bass you have to feel to believe.