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Outdoor Speakers

Enjoy your music, come rain or shine


Rainproof – and sunproof, too

Advanced weatherproofing helps our outdoor speakers shrug off a downpour, while our finishes won't fade in the sun.


Tuned to sound great in the great outdoors

We know you'll mount your speakers up out of harm's way, so we invert the drivers so music from above still sounds great.


Outdoor speakers

Built to keep on playing, whether in the garden, on the patio or round the pool.
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Great sound anywhere


The easy-install bracket allows AM-1 to be mounted vertically or horizontally, for total flexibility of installation.


Strength and power

Marine 8

The larger of the waterproof, rugged Marine speakers delivers pristine sound - whether on the high seas or in any other challenging environment. And if it gets dirty, just hose it clean!

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Against the elements

Marine 6

Whether it gets soaked, sprayed with salt-water or hosed down, Marine 6 is designed to keep on bringing you superb sound.