Counterfeit Products

Only genuine Bowers & Wilkins products can deliver the true sound of your music. So please beware of low quality fakes. Bowers & Wilkins has found counterfeit versions of its products available for sale, including on popular auction websites. These fakes might look very similar, but they sound nothing like the real thing. To make sure you get the true sound of Bowers & Wilkins, please follow these guidelines:

Most importantly, only ever buy from an authorised Bowers & Wilkins dealer. Click here to locate your nearest.

If you are offered a Bowers & Wilkins product at a price far below the norm, or offered products to buy in bulk, the product is probably fake. The same is true if the product you are being offered comes in a faded or unsealed box, the packaging has spelling mistakes or the box has missing items or manuals.

If you have any suspicions about a product you intend to buy or have bought, please contact Bowers & Wilkins immediately by calling +1 (978) 664 2870 or emailing We can confirm immediately whether any dealer is genuine, and will be able to advise you what to do if you have purchased a fake. Together, we can also hopefully ensure that fewer people end up buying fake, substandard products. Bowers & Wilkins will treat all information with full confidentiality and preserve your anonymity.

Please also note, any product Bowers & Wilkins receives for service that it determines is fake will not be returned. The sale and distribution of counterfeit products is illegal. See our full warranty here.