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The ultimate loudspeaker

Nothing looks, or sounds, quite like Nautilus™. A revolution when it launched and still an icon today. Its ethos informs everything we do. Nautilus comes in three standard colours: black, silver, and midnight blue. We also offer a special service that can match any colour from a sample or colour reference.



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Where form truly follows function


Redefining sound

The long, tapered damping tubes were a revolution, allowing the drive units to work optimally by gently absorbing stray energy.


Crafting a classic

Nautilus is hand-built to order, alongside the 800 Series Diamond™, by a dedicated specialist team in our Worthing factory.


Shaped by sound

At a glance, you can see Nautilus is no ordinary speaker, and after almost a quarter of century it still defines high-end audio.


Infinite colours

Nautilus comes in three standard colours: silver, black and midnight blue. But, as befits such a unique speaker, we also offer a special service that can match any colour you specify.


A lasting legacy

Nautilus is more than a design object: its technology is now found in almost every speaker we make.


An object of desire

Seen in design museums as well as listening rooms, Nautilus received the Millennium Award and many more accolades.


A sound investment

Innovative design, precision manufacturing and exhaustive testing ensure Nautilus delights the ear as well as the eye.


Setting the standard for the future

The striking spirals and tubes of Nautilus came from our research into making speaker drive units behave as we wanted: this Nautilus Tube™ technology, for which we won a Queen's Award for Innovation, is now found in almost every speaker we make.


Thinking beyond the box

Nautilus is quite unlike a conventional box speaker: to package our unique Nautilus tubes for use in the home, our designers developed the striking, and space-efficient, spiral form from which the speaker takes its name.


But why the Nautilus tube?

We want to hear a speaker driver, not its side-effects – conventional boxes contain sound from the rear of the driver, but bring their own problems. Nautilus tapering tubes soak up wayward energy and reduce resonances to the point of insignificance.