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Home theatre system

So you've gone Ultra HD and want sound to match? Bringing together the sleek M-1 speakers and compact but powerful ASW608 ensures Bowers & Wilkins expertise will make your movies magic – in any room.





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Info Sheet
mini theatreSpeakers MT 50 Hero


Unbelievable surround sound experience


Sleek, versatile satellites

The little M-1 speakers will fit almost anywhere in even the smallest room – you can also wall-mount them.


Hideaway subwoofer


The MT-50's ASW608 subwoofer may have room-shaking punch, but it's small enough to hide away anywhere.


Made to match


Every element of the system, from the M-1 speakers to the subwoofer, has been designed to combine to thrilling effect.

600Series ASWSubs White TechSpecs 600Series ASWSubs White TechSpecs

Small speakers – big, big sound


Combining the clean, crisp M-1 speakers with the powerful, weighty ASW608 subwoofer guarantees an immersive, thrilling cinema experience.

07 A Speakers MT 50D  C

Designed to be discreet


Every element of the MT-50 is aimed at making it easy on the eye, from the choice of white or black finishes to the clever way the cables are hidden away in the structure of the speakers and their stands.

07 A Speakers MT 50D  A 0

Nautilus™ inside


The same Nautilus tapered tube technology you'll find in our flagship speakers is also used in the MT-50's little M-1 speakers, guaranteeing precision and clarity for all that dialogue and sound effects.

07 A Speakers MT 50D  B

Built to shake the room

Compact it may be, but the ASW608 subwoofer used in the MT-50 system packs a mighty punch, thanks to an advanced composite driver and a seriously powerful amplifier.