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Step-by-step guide

Setting up a wireless system can be daunting, but not when you are using AirPlay and Bowers & Wilkins Control App. Our free app will take you through the simple steps required to get your Wireless Music System streaming, and even allow you to check it’s all working in the end by streaming some music for you.


Manage your Wireless Music Systems

The beauty of Wireless Music Systems and AirPlay is that there’s no need to stop at one. You can have one in every room in your house and surround yourself with music. Our AirPlay app not only lets you set up a new system, it also allows you to manage them as you add more. All from the palm of your hand.



Voice help

At key points in the setup process the Bowers & Wilkins AirPlay Setup App allows you to access vocal instructions, rather than written ones. Should you choose to make things just that much easier.

Choice of languages

The Bowers & Wilkins AirPlay Control app is available in seven languages. You can choose between: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.