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Combining 2000 watts of digital amplification with twin balanced Aerofoil™ drivers for incredible low-end power and speed, DB1D is the best Bowers & Wilkins subwoofer.



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Bass at its best



Diamond bass

Powerful amplification and ultra-fast Aerofoil drivers: a perfect partner for the acclaimed 800 Series Diamond™ speakers.



Designed to deliver

DB1D’s ultra-rigid, highly damped enclosure channels all its energy into explosive, tightly-controlled bass.

08B PG DB1D subwoofer

A smarter approach to bass

DB1D's 2000 Watt amplifier and 12-inch drivers are controlled by intelligent processing for best-in-class bass delivery.

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Nimble and powerful

Solid, dramatic bass is delivered through the rigidity and lightness of the uniquely-shaped, variable thickness Aerofoil™ cone.

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A question of balance

The back-to-back (opposed) drivers cancel out cabinet resonances, ensuring all that power is used to create room-shaking bass, not wasted vibrations.

07 C subwoofer DB1D 07 C subwoofer DB1D

The digital advantage

Digital amplification is cool-running and energy efficient, even when working hard, while Dynamic EQ and Room EQ ensure a precise sound for music and movies.

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Take control

By placing control in the palm of your hand, our subwoofer app not only makes our DB Series subwoofers a snap to set up, it also helps maximize your sound quality.

Technical specifications


DB Series Subwoofer

Technical features
2000w Class D Hypex amplifier
2 x 300mm (12in) Aerofoil-cone drive units in a balanced configuration
Digital preamplifier with Dynamic EQ
App-based set-up and BT-LE control

Drive units
2 x 300mm (12in) Aerofoil-cone drive units in a balanced configuration

Frequency range (-6dB)
8.5Hz - 500Hz

Frequency Response -3dB (centered on level at 100Hz)
10Hz - 350 Hz

Max Power output

2 x XLR
2 x RCA
2 x 3.5mm 12V trigger
RS-232 - 9-pin D connector

Height: 460mm (18.1in)
Width: 429mm (16.9in)
Depth: 410mm (16.1in)

Net weight

Cabinet finish (Grille finish)
Gloss Black (With black grilles)
Satin White (With grey grilles)
Rosenut (With black grilles)

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