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Buying advice

Choosing and buying your first hi-fi or home theatre can be daunting, but it needn’t be. Here’s how to find the best audio dealer in your area and then, just as importantly, how to work with that dealer to get not only the system you want, but a buying experience you’ll love.


Getting great stereo sound at home

If you’re about to buy a new hi-fi or chasing the best possible sound from components you already own, you need to read this. Our expert audio advice tells you everything you’ll need to know

Vinyl, as a music-storage format: the tangible and the intangible lure of long-playing records

We asked renowned technology journalist Simon Lucas to share his passion for vinyl with us.

For The Love Of Music

We’re proud to unveil For The Love Of Music, a brand-new series of four films made in association with our friends at Abbey Road Studios. Each film brings together some of the most influential faces in the studio industry to debate and discuss how best to listen to, find and enjoy new music.

Abbey Road money shot

Behind the scenes at Abbey Road: 800 D3 installation

Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers have arrived at the recently refurbished Studio One at Abbey Road Studios. We share a behind-the-scenes look at setting up the 800 D3s in the world's best recording studio.

usb c header

What is USB-C?

From new possibilities to the way we interact with our devices, we explore USB-C, the cable that's causing change in the technology industry.

reduce stress

Can music reduce stress?

Stress. Relaxation. A lot of people turn to music in relation to either of these things. But is it effective? With the help of science, history and music itself, we discover the real truth behind this age-old question: Can music reduce stress?

9 the difinitive guide to 24 bit flac

The definitive guide to 24-bit FLAC

High resolution downloads are changing the way we enjoy music, opening up possibilities undreamed of back in digital's early days...

Is Bluetoosh audio worse

Is Bluetooth audio really worse than wired?

Is it time to rid ourselves of the 21st century myth of inadequate Bluetooth audio?