1 d volvo tweeter on top hero


Bound by sound



Based on the same ‘Scalable Platform Architecture’ as the XC90, the XC60 takes technology and design cues from its larger sibling, resulting in an incredibly refined, desirable driving experience.



Launched in early 2018, the Volvo V60 is designed to help make the most of every moment. Bowers & Wilkins worked with Volvo to mirror the sporty, elegant aesthetic with our high-performance audio system.



The XC90 is Volvo’s luxury family SUV, designed to make driving simpler, more enjoyable, and less stressful, which the Bowers & Wilkins sound system complements perfectly. 



The Volvo S90 is a luxurious entrant to the executive sedan arena. This new executive car marks a big leap forward for a brand best known for its MPVs and estates, with an in-car entertainment system to match that standard.


V90 & V90 CC

Offering both comfort and off-road ability like its 90 Series siblings, the driving experience in the V90 and V90 CC is accentuated by Bowers & Wilkins.


Volvo and Bowers & Wilkins share many passions: engineering excellence, the utmost attention to detail in our respective areas of expertise, and a desire that the customer must always feel the true benefit when experiencing one of their products. Teaming up with Volvo to create the high-end audio system for their new generation of luxury Volvo cars is the most natural thing in the world. After endless hours of listening and fine-tuning, you can savour the results of this collaboration no matter where you are seated in the car. 



Tweeter-on-Top technology minimizes acoustic reflection from the windscreen while also reducing coloration, resulting in a sound that’s more detailed, purer and true–to-life.

5 d volvo tweeter on top technology


Inspired by the Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus speaker, spiralling diffusion channels soak up reflected sound from the rear of each drive unit, reducing resonance to a minimum.

6 d volvo nautilus speaker inspired technology
5 d volvo tweeter on top technology
6 d volvo nautilus speaker inspired technology

Individually designed

Hundreds of hours of expert tuning goes into the integration and positioning of our speakers, with each model featuring a unique configuration for the best sound experience.