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Summer Playlist

Loving the Summertime Blues

We all have a good idea in our head of what a summer song sounds like. But if you think deeply about the songs that soundtrack your summer, you will probably come up with quite a surprising playlist. We know we did.


Celebrating Independent Record Stores

Independent record stores, like so many others, have endured a turbulent past 18 months. But the welcome return of the Record Store Day celebrations has seen vinyl lovers flocking back in their numbers, which has provided a timely and much needed boost to the record stores that are at the heart of their local communities.

The Story of Signature

Every Signature model has had its own unique identity and at the same time, every model has been connected to its predecessor by several common threads: no-holds-barred performance, unique, distinctive beauty and special-edition exclusivity.


Buying advice

Choosing and buying your first hi-fi or home theatre can be daunting, but it needn’t be. Here’s how to find the best audio dealer in your area and then, just as importantly, how to work with that dealer to get not only the system you want, but a buying experience you’ll love.


Getting great stereo sound at home

If you’re about to buy a new hi-fi or chasing the best possible sound from components you already own, you need to read this. Our expert audio advice tells you everything you’ll need to know

The joy of headphones

The story of the humble headphone’s rise to greatness, our unique approach to headphone design and how to pick your own perfect Concert for One.