800 Series Diamond

The world’s finest loudspeakers


800 Series Diamond

A no-holds-barred approach that considers every detail, delivering the ultimate in performance.


50 years in the making

800 D3


The pinnacle of audio perfection. It is the speaker professionals trust to deliver True Sound.


Studio quality - home friendly

802 D3

Capable of delivering pristine, natural sound that will leave you speechless.


New shape in sound

803 D3

Audiophile sound coupled with the most compact headed model Bowers & Wilkins has ever made.


Impressive performer

804 D3

Delivers incredibly high-performance sound in a traditional loudspeaker form with a smaller footprint.


Compact diamond

805 D3


The only loudspeaker of its size to feature studio-grade technology in the form of a Diamond dome tweeter.


The ultimate center speaker


The perfect center channel speaker for multichannel audio systems built around the larger 800 Series Diamond speakers – designed for seamless integration and crystal-clear dialogue.


Compact center


Powerful and dynamic, the HTM2 D3 is the ideal center speaker for use with the smaller 800 Series Diamond speakers.