Satellite and Surround Speakers

Complete your surround sound system with our satellite and surround speakers. Our bookshelf speakers are extremely versatile and compact, so they can be placed in a multitude of positions while still delivering real scale and breadth for soundtracks and sound effects.
8 Products
8 Products
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Reference 800 Series Signature stand mount speakers
High-performance 700 Series stand mount speakers
Flagship 800 Series Diamond stand mount speakers
High-performance 700 Series bookshelf speakers
High-performance 700 Series stand mount speakers
Versatile compact satellite speaker
Performance 600 Series stand mount speakers
Performance Compact bookshelf speakers

True Sound

There’s nothing quite like experiencing the True Sound of a performance. At Bowers & Wilkins, our dedicated engineers develop and integrate the highest caliber of performance audio technology into our products. The result allows you to hear music and movies with the striking accuracy and realism of the original recording, with nothing added and nothing taken away.

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