Our Story

Premium audio redefined

We do things differently at Bowers & Wilkins. We believe that the perfect loudspeaker shouldn’t add to or take away from the original music. Instead, it should reveal the True Sound of the performance, faithful in every nuance to the original – exactly as the artist intended.

The pursuit of perfection never stops

John Bowers’ Drive

John Bowers dreamed of producing the perfect loudspeaker – of delivering recorded sound that is utterly faithful to the live performance and to the artist’s original intent. His drive and passion are written into the DNA of our company.

‘Good Enough’ is not Enough

Obsessive pursuit of perfection and steadfast refusal to accept anything but the very best has shaped everything that we do and everything that we are. ‘Good enough’ simply isn’t good enough for Bowers & Wilkins.

Performance, technology & leadership

If you can make a better product, you can sell it.
John Bowers Founder Bowers & Wilkins

Different, on purpose.



Exciting collaborations, and highly rewarding partnerships.

Music app

Music app

Control your entire Bowers & Wilkins wireless audio system using our Music app for iOS and Android.



The company we keep is very important to us.