Marine Speakers

Our expert engineers have taken their masterful audio talents and set them afloat.
Sound without limits

You want perfect sound no matter where you go, even if that’s out to sea. Our range of Integrated Solutions Marine speakers are discreet, durable, and have the sound quality to delight whether you’re pleasure cruising or braving the high seas.

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Strength and power with precision sound

Withstand the elements, sound divine

The soundtrack to your every adventure

Whether you are on a little boat or a large ship, Bowers & Wilkins makes every voyage sound superb.

Take great sound along on every journey

Our Marine Solutions speakers can withstand whatever nature throws at them yet still deliver the pristine Bowers & Wilkins sound you demand. Our expert engineers have taken their masterful audio talents and set them afloat.

Extraordinary sound, built to survive

Not only are Bowers & Wilkins Integrated Solutions Marine speakers designed to survive in hostile environments, they’re adaptable where positioning is concerned. And, of course, they have the perfect sonic combination of power, clarity, and punch.

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