Quality Policy

10000120271. Version 2


Bowers & Wilkins is committed to implementing, operating and continually improving appropriate quality management systems, policies and processes to enable the delivery of the highest practicable technically innovative products and services.

Bowers & Wilkins is committed to fulfilling and exceeding customer requirements, obligations and delivering a consistently high level of service by developing and manufacturing meticulously crafted products through the constant development of our employees and partners.

The quality management system provides the framework for identifying opportunities and controlling risks to the quality of products and services through setting and reviewing objectives thus maximising our potential to enhance customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of other interested parties such as suppliers and business partners. It provides all interested parties and customers with the confidence that the provision of services and products will be delivered consistently and cost-effectively to predetermined high standards.

We recognise that our business relationships require on-going commitment to achieving business excellence at every level of Bowers & Wilkins and its supply chains.


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