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Home Audio

World-famous sound quality with a range of options to suit every type of home.
Bring your music home

Your home is as individual as the music you love, and so are your particular requirements. Bowers & Wilkins’ range of Integrated Solutions speakers delivers our world-famous sound quality with options to suit every type of home.

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Because every room is better with music

No space is too large, too small or too awkward to enjoy thrilling sound quality.

Bespoke installations to suit your home

Bespoke installations to suit your home

Delivering exquisite sound while leaving no trace of a speaker system is a talent not everybody has. We will recommend skilled custom installation experts who will turn your audio desires into reality, no matter your budget or environment.

Hear music exactly as the artist intended

Our Integrated Solutions speakers are built by the same people, to the same standards, and with the same objectives, as our regular loudspeaker ranges. There’s only one difference: these speakers are nowhere to be seen.

Hear music exactly as the artist intended

Explore our range of integrated solutions

Start your bespoke journey with our custom installation experts.

Highly skilled experts

Official Bowers & Wilkins customer installers employ highly experienced staff, able and willing to answer your questions and aid your decision making.

Find the ideal system for you

Speak to one of our accredited professional installers to discuss the system of your dreams.

Complete solution

Official Bowers & Wilkins installers will be able to work with you through every stage of your journey.