23rd March 2023

Behind The Counter Returns: Watch Now

We are excited to share the return of our collaborative video series with Record Store Day and Classic Album Sundays: Behind The Counter.

We are excited to share the return of our collaborative video series with Record Store Day and Classic Album Sundays: Behind The Counter.

If you’re new to Behind The Counter, the video series celebrates the unique culture and heritage of independent record stores across the UK, taking viewers on a behind-the-scenes tour of these much-loved shops. Throughout the series, you’ll meet the passionate owners and staff in these stores, who are embedded in their local communities and dedicated to helping music fans discover their next favourite artists and albums. This 12-part fourth series will run weekly leading up to Record Store Day on 22nd April 2023.

Vinyl revival

Into its fourth series, the latest instalment of Behind The Counter follows a report from The Digital Entertainment & Retail Association (ERA) that revealed that vinyl outsold CDs for the first time in 35 years in 2022. Across the new series, we visit a diverse range of stores to get a taste of why sales are continuing to rise – and how independent record stores are driving the resurgence.

From the likes of Manningtree’s Winyl, which combines wine and records, to The Vinyl Whistle in Leeds, owned by former Premier League referee Jon Moss, the series looks to uncover the “certain type of magic” (Steve from Sister Ray, Soho) behind every door of the treasured record stores of the UK.

Vinilo Record Store, Southampton

Southampton’s Vinilo Record Store was opened due to the owners, Ken and Virginia, seeing a noticeable demand for an independent record store in the coastal UK city. Although based in the UK, the store’s name is directly influenced by the Spanish name for vinyl, vinilo. In addition to their Southampton-based record hub, the pair have since opened a second store in the neighbouring beachside town of Bournemouth.

Soul Brother Records, Putney

With a wealth of loyal customers, including many who still visit the record store since it opened 30 years ago, Soul Brother Records in Putney is cherished by music lovers far and wide. The store has been at the forefront of the London jazz scene for three decades and has helped grow its popularity over the last eight years, stocking albums from many now well-known bands before they’ve signed to labels.

VoxBox Music, Edinburgh

As a part-time consultant in geriatric medicine, who owns VoxBox Music in Edinburgh, Darren Yates splits his time between the hospital and his beloved record store. His interest in records was first piqued at university in the 90s when he heard David Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold The World” – the first time hearing the original after falling in love with Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged in New York album version. He’s been seeking out and listening to records ever since.

Winyl, Manningtree

Wine meets vinyl in the aptly named Winyl record store in Manningtree – a place for intimate listening experiences and buying a great bottle of vino. Run by Steve and Wilmarie, the record store has become a hub for the local community, hosting live music events and helping with projects in the local area. Outside of their community work, the owners help their customers build new connections and more personal memories through the great records they supply.

Each week in the lead-up to Record Store Day 2023, Bowers & Wilkins will spotlight a different, totally unique independent record store through this intimate video series – so be sure to keep an eye out for the new weekly episodes premiering on our social channels and the Classic Album Sundays YouTube channel in the lead-up to Record Store Day 2023 on 22nd April.

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