1st December 2022

Choose the perfect gift for a vinyl lover

Discover the Bowers & Wilkins guide to what to buy for the record collector in your life, young or old, beginner or lifelong enthusiast. 

In the last few years, the classic LP has come back from the dead and is reaching new heights of popularity among music fans who prize it for its sound quality, its tactile nature, and those wonderful 12-inch sleeves that show off the painstakingly created artwork better than a CD or a streaming service could ever do.

We are big fans of vinyl and of course the album format – and naturally we’re delighted that so many people choose to partner their turntables with Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers. It’s not all about analogue sound and loudspeakers though, because a vinyl enthusiast can also have room for some streaming in their life, and even the dedicated format obsessive must leave the house occasionally…

In this guide we look at some great gifts for the vinyl lover in your life.


Our 600 Series Anniversary Edition range of loudspeakers is designed with the music fan in mind. Whether someone is starting out on their journey into the world of vinyl or has decades of collecting behind them, this exceptional range offers great sound and flexibility, and all at a cost that won’t impact too much on their record buying habits.

If you want to buy the ideal present for someone building a serious Hi-Fi system, maybe for the first time, then the 607 S2 Anniversary Edition is the perfect loudspeaker for smaller spaces. The floorstanding 603 S2 Anniversary Edition is, as you would expect, the perfect choice for larger spaces, and provides superb bass alongside crystal-clear treble and midrange performance.

If you live in North America then you can buy 700 Series loudspeakers direct from our website, and the 707 S3 would make an ideal upgrade to someone who may already own 600 Series speakers. For the rest of the world, our ‘Find a retailer’ tool will help you on that journey to enjoying True Sound, and will also help you with our 800 Series Diamond – which, let’s face it, would make a very special Christmas present indeed.

Wireless Listening

If you desire the high-performance sound associated with traditional loudspeakers but you want to enter the wireless world, then we have you covered there, too. For people looking to add a wireless upgrade to their Hi-Fi then our Formation Audio wireless audio streamer brings an existing system into the cable-free world. It provides access to 24-bit/96kHz hi-res audio on your hi-fi, can be included in a multi-room set-up, or it can even stream from analogue sources such as turntables to Formation wireless speakers.

Those speakers include the sensational high-performance Formation Duo, which uses cutting-edge technologies such as a Carbon Dome Tweeter-on-Top and Continuum™ mid/bass drive unit to deliver the audio quality Bowers & Wilkins is renowned for. It’s wireless hi-res sound, without compromise.

Formation Audio

Formation Duo

Music discovery

Wireless has more to offer as well. Vinyl is far from cheap, and a lot of people like to try before they buy when it comes to new music, so they often double up with a high-resolution streaming service. This also helps with music discovery – something close to all our hearts!

The new Zeppelin is a wireless smart speaker reimagined for the streaming age. Its elegant form combines high-resolution stereo sound with a comprehensive range of smart, connected features and services. Zeppelin can stream from Apple® AirPlay 2®, Bluetooth aptX™ Adaptive and Spotify Connect – plus the Bowers & Wilkins Music app, which links with your chosen high-resolution streaming service and also provides playlists and other smart music discovery services.


On the move

Even a vinyl obsessive leaves the house at some point, and they will probably want to take some music with them. They will also demand mobile sound quality that is as impressive as what they enjoy at home. This is where Bowers & Wilkins wireless headphones come into play.

There was once a time when a vinyl buff would be sniffy about wireless headphones, but the fact is that wireless connectivity is now so good that we feel confident in offering a range of headphones that only features wireless models.

A music lover would be very happy with either the over-ear Px7 S2 or Px8, both of which deliver exceptional high-performance sound. Or how about the Px8 007 Edition, which is perfect for the vinyl lover who also has a soft spot for James Bond.

Whatever you choose, you can guarantee that the wireless performance will be exceptional, and because the Bowers & Wilkins Music app allows you to stream high-resolution audio direct to these headphones, they won’t have any complaints about the quality of the format either.

So whether you want to upgrade your traditional loudspeakers, add a wireless element or enjoy music on the go, we’ve got the perfect gift for the vinyl fan.

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